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LeCase Decaf 2 | LeCase Coffee
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The dark chocolate flavour of this coffee opens up with the very first sip. It’s really lovely and intense. There’s also a very milk and smooth acidity, like the kind you get from ripe apple, which strikes a lovely balance to that richness. It all wraps up with a mouthfeel that’s round and creamy, and leads perfectly into the long cocoa aftertaste.

About the area
Villa Rubiela is the town of Pitalito in Huila, which is a region of Columbia. Caturra, Colombia, Castillo and Tabi are the farm’s viriatals, with the plants taking up 12 hectares of the 15-hectare farm.



  • Poids
    250 g
  • Origin:


  • Flavours:

    Dark Chocolate

  • Roast Profile:


  • Process:


  • Altitudes:


  • Virietal:


  • Producers:

    Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, and Tabi

  • Types of Coffe

    WholeBean 250g, WholeBean 1kg

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